elements of style

Seventh Series Box created by Susan Robbins

guild school

One of the First Series "Elements of Style" created by Jeffrey Gueno and the
late Frank Hanley.

Ashby Jedd

Fifth Series Box Created by Allison Ashby and steve Jedd

Elements of Style | History

For many years, Therese Bahl carried with her to every miniature show, color copies of pages from Three Centuries of American Antiques, an American Heritage publication. These pages depicted vignettes of authentic examples of furniture, fabrics, and accessories from the Puritan Century, 1607-1685, William and Mary style, 1685-1720, Queen Anne style, 1720-1750, the Chippendale period, 1750-1785, and "From the Rhine to the Susquehanna, the Pennsylvania Germans." She had a vision of some day creating similar vignettes in miniature.

In 1991 Therese was serving on the Guild Board of Trustees, and one of the Board's discussions centered on creating another traveling exhibit showcasing IGMA Artisan and Fellow work. Here was an opportunity to see her dream come true!

Guild Fellows, Frank Hanley and Jeffrey Gueno volunteered to oversee the design and coordination of each scene. They decided to present each vignette in a hand-made clock case. With the help of Marge Adams, Sarah Salisbury, Barbara Marshall and Therese Bahl, they created the "time-capsules" known as the Elements of Style. Therese coordinated the Pennsylvania German scene. For her it was a joy to see her dream realized. For all of us and the thousands who have seen the Elements on display all over America and Canada, this exhibit truly meets the Guild's objectives of promoting miniatures as an art form and increasing awareness and appreciation of high-quality workmanship through public education.

The Elements were exhibited for the first time in April 1992 at the IGMA show in New York. From there they went on display at museums and galleries in Indiana, Wisconsin, Colorado, North Carolina, Michigan, Louisiana, Texas and Connecticut.

A second series of eight Elements was organized by Jill Zimmerman and Murray Scrimgeour and travelled on display throughout 1995 and 1996. The themes of the clock cases included Shaker Style, The Colonial Home At Work, The Age of Sail, Queen Anne and Chippendale, New England Decorative Arts, Our Canadian Heritage, and a Guild School Sampler that highlighted prototype pieces of class projects taught in Castine by Guild instructor Artisans and Fellows.

This second series made its debut at the Glenbow Musuem in Calgary, Canada and travelled from there to the Denver Museum of Toys and Minatures, Colonial Williamsburg, The Argenteuil Museum in Quebec and the Nepean Museum in Ottawa.

A Third series of Elements of Style was designed by Lee Lefkowitz assisted by her daughter, Amy Krupin Pedolsky and Mary Lou Nancken. This series of seven clock cases made its debut at the Guild Show in April 1998. From there it was on exhibit at the Tee Ridder Museum of Miniatures on Long Island, Colonial Williamsburg, the Pabst Museum in Milwaukee, and the Museum of Miniature Houses in Carmel, Indiana.

A Fourth Series was coordinated by Ina Lyon and included boxes by Peter Kendall, Jim Van Vliet, Lynda Bauer, Shirley Whitworth, Bill & Carol Kubesch, Annelle Ferguson, Dorothy Haw, Anne Caesar and Ina Lyon.

A Fifth Series was created and toured from 2003-2004. If included boxes by Allison Ashby and Steve Jedd, Ina Lyon, Eve Karoblis and Ed Mabe, Cathy and Jim Van Vliet, Bill and Carol Kubesh, Dave Pierce and Layne Halliday, Shirley Whitworth, Brian Tepper, Cat Wingler, and Sherry Van Vossen adn Jolie Gaston.

A Sixth Series, covering a time span of 1849-1970, was coordinated by Ina Lyon. Clock cases were created by Peter Kendall, Shirley Whitworth with Tori West and 3 boxes by Ina Lyons.

Elements of Style - Denver

For the Seventh Series (pictured above at the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls & Toys, Denver, CO) we let Artisan and Fellow members of the GUILD take some poetic license with the Elements of Style, rather than stay within a theme; were we pleased with the results!

Our new Clock cases were created by: Sue Veeder, "My Favorite Things"; Iulia Chin Lee, "An 18th-Century Home Room"; Susan Robbins, "Elements of Americana"; Bill Studebaker, "A Private Room at the Inn"; Betsy Niederer "The Old Halloween Shop", Kaye Browning, "A Shaker Room".

The Series made its' debut at The Guild Show in September 1010 and ended its 2-year tour at the 2012 Guild Show. This current Series will have been on exhibit 9 times, in 7 States at 8 different locations and in 5 different museums.