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Welcome to I.G.M.A. You should soon be receiving your new member packet, either via drop box or “snail” mail, depending upon which method you chose. If by drop box, be sure to watch for the link in your email!

The IGMA website has details about the various upcoming programs of the Guild as well as links to other IGMA resources. Other resources include the IGMA blog, aka eCube, the IGMA Forum, our official Facebook page and our public Facebook group, and the CUBE, published twice a year.

Guild School, held annually in Castine, ME, is the highlight of the year for many IGMA members! Information about that is also available on the IGMA website.

The annual Guild Show and Gathering of the Guild is another annual major event. 2017 brings a fantastic addition to our calendar -- the Miniature Masterworks event at the National Museum of Toys and Miniatures in Kansas City, September 15-17. The Guild Show will be the following weekend in Hartford, CT. A great opportunity to visit two parts of the USA to see the best there is in miniature art! We’re looking at it as a two-part event so do try to attend both parts if you possibly can. They complement each other, rather than duplicating each other, so you will miss out if you can only attend one part or the other instead of both. But one part is definitely better than none!

After a year as a general member you may apply to become an Artisan Member. Two years after becoming an Artisan Member you are eligible to apply for Fellow membership. Both are great honors since your work is carefully evaluated by the Artisan/Fellow committees to meet the specified criteria before the recognition is awarded. You must maintain your membership as an Artisan or Fellow to continue the use of that membership designation.

There's lots of wonderfulness as a member of I.G.M.A.! I hope you'll take advantage of the many opportunities available.