Guild Fellow Members

The Guild's highest honor, that of Fellow member, is awarded to those Artisan members whose work develops into the epitome of excellence. The Guild Council for Fellow Selection, a committee comprised of nine members (four Fellows, the IGMA President, and four members who may be either Artisan or General Members), meets once a year in the spring. Guild members who feel that their work is of above average quality may apply for Artisan membership if they have been a member in good standing for at least one continuous year immediately prior to applying for Artisan membership. After two years of continuous Artisan membership, Artisans are eligible to apply for Fellow membership and will automatically, upon initial eligibility, receive an application and guidelines for submission of their work from the Chairperson of the Council. Those who prefer to apply at a later date may contact the IGMA office and request an application.

The members of the Council very carefully examine each entry individually for concept, workmanship and presentation. The Council looks for work that is well above average with little, if any, room for improvement. The applicant who goes "one step beyond" is frequently successful. The goal of the Guild has been, and remains, to bestow the title Fellow member on those who strive for perfection. Their work, in turn, reflects a level of design and quality of workmanship that makes the Guild proud to have given them this designation and to have them as members.

Along with this distinguished honor comes the responsibility for each Fellow member to maintain and even exceed the high standards of workmanship for which they have been recognized.

Applicants are notified of the Council's decision by letter, phone call or email. As a symbol of their successful endeavor, the new Fellow member is presented with a lucite cube holding a metal medallion with the Guild logo and engraved with their name and the date of the award.


Congratulations to Our New Fellow Members selected in 2015


Erzsebet Bodz├ís        


Pat Richards        


Kellie Wachter        


Mariella Vitale        


Carolyn Kraft