2020 Guild School

June 13-19, 2020     Maine Maritime Academy, Castine, Maine

Instructors and Classes for 2020 Guild School

48 Hour Class
Ursula Dyrbye-Skovsted Early Classic Guitar
36 Hour Classes
Nell Corkin 1:144 Scale: The Petal Shop
Beth Freeman-Kane Box Framed Composition: Garden Fence
Elizabeth Gazmuri Pie Crust Table
Jane Graber Early American Inspired Redware and Stoneware
Bob Hurd Hoosier Cabinet
Deb Mackie Tooled Leather Trunk
Mark Murphy Pair of Wainscot Chairs & Tavern Table
Brooke Rothshank Watercolor Painting: Tiny Gratitudes
Jeanne Rullie Master Chef
Troy Schmidt Throwing Ceramic Miniatures
Lidi Stroud Secret Garden Vignette
24 Hour Classes
Pete Acquisto Victorian Card Receiver
Pete Acquisto Victorian Salad Caster
Diane Almeyda Stained Glass Round Window
Valeria Bonomi Ballerina Shoes
Pam & Pete Boorum Portsmouth Candle Stand
Phyllis Hawkes Oil Painting: Still Life with Champagne
Daniela Kiefhaber Punch and Judy Theater and Puppets
Miyuki Kobayashi Japanese Garden with Goldfish in Bowl & Hydrangea
Iulia Chin Lee Carved Grecian Urn
Chris Malcomson Victorian Marquetry Tripod Table
Mary Grady O’Brien A Child’s Dresser
Bill Robertson 18th Century Door Hardware
Bill Robertson 18th Century Hand Drills
Sandra Rubin Orchids
Michael Yurkovic Seasonal Landscape Sampler
12 Hour Classes
Diane Almeyda Hanging Sign and Bracket
Jeanne Anderson Martini Board
Jeanne Anderson Deep Dish Pie with Ice Cream
Pam & Pete Boorum Brides Boxes and Pantry Boxes
Annelle Ferguson Needlepoint Panel for Handheld Fire Screen
Natalia Frank Embroidered Apron as a Fashion Statement
Pat Hartman French Knot “Hooked” Rug
Daniela Kiefhaber Beadwork Embroidery & Leather Work
Miyuki Kobayashi Green Aquariums in Glass Bowls
Tim Kraft Early Electric Chandelier
Iulia Chin Lee Bowl/Vase with Gilding
Chris Malcomson Victorian Parquetry Sewing Box, c. 1860
Marcia McClain Chair and Ottoman
Marcia McClain Sofa
Mary Grady O’Brien A Sailor’s Delight: Seascape Painting with Shell Frame
Sandra Rubin Silk Spider Plant
Kim Stewart Wicker Conversation Chair
Sue Veeder Heat-Set Oil Painting: “Sailing on Penobscot Bay” Seascape
Mariella Vitale Teddy Bear
Michael Yurkovic Folding Chair on the Beach