2020 Virtual Guild School

June 12-20, 2020     Online

Welcome to Virtual Guild School 2020. We can’t all be together for the “best week of the year” so let’s have some fun and connect. We can "pretend" we are at school! We’ll virtually simulate some of the week’s activities.

Week at a Glance:

Faculty Meeting

Faculty Meeting on Zoom

Row 1: Jane Graber, Barbara Davis, Beth Freeman- Kane, Diane Almeyda, Sue Veeder
Row 2: Troy Schmidt, Jeanne Rullie, Pam & Pete Boorum, Daniela Kiefhaber, Valeria Bonomi
Row 3: Bill Robertson, Sandy Rubin, Mark Murphy, Deb Mackie, Michael Yurkovic
Row 4: Annelle Ferguson, Phyllis Hawkes, Pete Acquisto, Bob Hurd, Nell Corkin
Row 5: Elizabeth Gazmuri, Brooke Rothshank, Pat Hartman, Mary Grady O’Brien, Iulia Chin Lee
Row 6: Mariella Vitale, Jeanie Anderson, Lidi Stroud


Arrival Day

Welcome Back to Castine and the Maine Maritime Academy


Opening Night

Welcome from Barbara Davis, Guild School Director

Welcome from Audrey Tripp, IGMA President

Welcome from Rachael Cotoni, Conferences and Event Director, Maine Maritime Academy


Opening Exhibit

Thanks to the Guild School students and instructors for contributing photos of miniatures they have made or collected.

Please note that several slides are accompanied by a detailed explanation of items shown. Refer to this list.


Zoom with Guild School Friends

New England Group
1: Julie Hagel, Sue Krzysko, Pete Boorum
Row 2: Karen Waggoner, Carol Block, Pam Boorum
Row 3: Ruth Clay, Marcia McClain

Row 1: Annelle ferguson, Audrey Tripp, Pat Richards
Row 2: Jolie Gaston, Pat Hartman

Row 1: Carolyn Beesley, Gayle Hartlen, Marian Carfagno
Row 2: Sue Seiffert, Marge Sauter

Crow’s Nest Row
1: Connie Sauve, Barbara Kalty
Row 2: Jan Patrie, Becky Scroggins
Row 3: Phyllis Hawkes, Michele Carter

French Group
Row 1: Catherine Soubzmaigne, Christiane Lourier, Muriel Amouroux
Row 2: Florence Lazzari, Blandine Chauve, Francine Coyon 
Row 3: Françoise Mongrué

Row 1: Maggie and Corey Zimmerman, Barbara Davis, Stuart and Terry Kleeman, Bev Greenwell
Row 2: Corky Anderson, Duffy Wineman, Christ Pratt, Sally Hoffman
Row 3: Heidi Curry, Dick and Carol Hardy, Annelle Ferguson, Karen Mellott
Row 4: Elizabeth Gazmuri
Missing: Mary Grady O’Brien, Mark Murphy, Lee-Ann Chellis Wessel

Sunday Seminar Surprise


Cut out the pattern pieces using 1/16” bass wood (or any other wood you prefer).

Drill hole as shown on front piece and beard.

Add the extra decorative outline on the beard, hatband, and mustache. I used a small round bit on a flexible shaft, but it could also be painted later.

Miter the edges of the bottom slightly (apx 1/16”) towards the center of the inside.

Glue the house together with the sides inside the front and back. The miter will help the angle of the sides as well as the front and back.

Paint the house red on all sides one inch up from bottom.

On the front, paint 3/8” above red, pink or flesh color.

Paint the rest of the front, and the rest of the other three sides, green.

Paint the beard, mustache, and hatband white. Add a darker color to decorative outline or just scrape out the white paint with a toothpick to expose the wood.

Cut a piece of 3/16” dowel ¼” long and round one end for nose. Paint face color.

Cut a piece of ¼” dowel ¼” long and round one end for top of hat. (You can use a square piece of wood and just round it a bit).

Glue on beard with holes lined up. Glue on mustache on top of beard.

Glue nose in space at top of beard and mustache.

Glue on hatband.

Glue on two black glass beads for eyes. You may want to make a partial hole so the beads don’t stick up too high. (You can also paint the eyes and berries instead).

Cut two green leaves out of paper. Glue above the hatband with three red glass beads for berries.

Paint a light red wash on cheeks and end of nose.

Sand a little here and there to “weather”.

Now wait for a bird to move in!!!!!

[Download pdf of instructions]


Monday Seminar Surprise

CARPET BEATER from Lidi Stroud

Thanks to Lidi Stroud, IGMA Artisan, for offering this seminar, "Make a Simple Carpet Beater"

[Download pdf of instructions]


Lobster Night

On Tuesday night the Maine Maritime Academy presents a live lobster dinner, with corn on the cob and steamers, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Yes, a steak or vegetarian option is available. As you can see by the photos below, we really get “into” this evening. Following the dinner, we hold our Live Auction with amazing, special pieces donated by our instructors, all Artisan and Fellow members of the Guild. The proceeds go to our Scholarship Program, Tool Pool, and General Expenses. We supply plenty of chocolates and wine to help with the bidding. We will miss our totally crazy, silly auction this year. True fact, a bag of Cheetos sold for $350 one year.

Row 1: Carolyn Beesley, Gayle Hartlen, Marge Sauter
Row 2: Sue Seiffert, Marian Carfagno

Annelle Ferguson, lovin’ her lobster!
Don’t let it get the best of you

Lobster rolls by Jan Patrie

Deb Mackie in her Maine Maritime Academy t-shirt and lobsters crawling over her.

Barbara Davis and husband stopping for take-out, Maine lobster roll – West Coast, coronavirus-style.

Can California make a better
lobster roll than Maine?
Click here to download the PDF article.

Painted by Brooke Rothshank
from the Collection of Barbara Davis

Painted by Brooke Rothshank
from the Collection of Barbara Davis

Live Maine lobsters awaiting the steaming pot at MMA

Typical lobster dinner at MMA

Hiroyuki and Kyoko Kimura – excitedly anticipating their lobsters

Martha South’s Southern version of lobster – boiled crawfish

Susan Morris shares her dinner on Lobster Night

Stopping for lobster rolls, New Englanders – Ruth Clay, Carol Block, Sue Krzysko, Julie Hagel

Vintage lobster sign

Live lobster from Pam and Pete Boorum

Accessorize with Lobsters (Row 1: Lissa Loosemore, Marie Wilson, Julie Hagel, Ruth Clay; Row 2: Carol Block, Sue Krzysko, Erin Carter

Rachael Cotoni,
Conference Director, MMA

Lobster Pot Sign Painted by Phyllis Hawkes

Mini Lobster Dinner with Jolie Gaston; lobster made by Cristina Minischetti

Captain’s Table Sign Painted by Phyllis Hawkes

Lobster Night: Sue Seiffert, Gayle Hartlen, Marian Carfagno, Carolyn Beesley

Julie Hagel on Lobster Night

Crow’s Nest group, wearing Guild School name tags
Row 1: Jan Patrie, Phyllis Hawkes
Row 2: Michele Carter, Becky Scroggins
Row 3: Connie Sauve, Barbara Kalty

Shared by Carolyn Beesley...

Carolyn Beesley enjoying her lobster roll in Nova Scotia

Carolyn Beesley’s dog, Luna, sporting her lobster hat

Mini embroidered lobster

Crocheted lobster

Lobster picnic

This lobster hat may not make it through the doorway!

Lobster boats at low tide in Hall’s Harbour Nova Scotia

Jumbo size lobster at Hall’s Harbour

Anyone need a lobster hat?

Lobster roll in Nova Scotia

Lobster greeter at the bar

I make this lobster hat look good!

More lobster photos...

Lobster pots and plate (1” diameter) by Jane Graber. Special For Sale at Minis, Munchies and More

From Nancy Simpson, “On my way
to school last year.”

Becky Scroggins’ Lobster Dinners sign

Becky Scroggins’ Castine lobster picnic

Helen Man’s favorite “Canadian” lobster dish - wok fried with scallion, garlic and Maggi sauce.

New England group meets for lobster dinner.
Row 1: Natalie Graham, Julie Hagel, Karen Waggoner
Row 2: Pete and Pam Boorum, Ruth Clay, Cindy Adams
Row 3: Cary and Tim LeGeyt, Susan Milmore, Elizabeth Gazmuri
Row 4: Marcia McClain

Carol Block shares her lobster roll.

Lobster roll

R & R


We call Wednesday night R & R, Rest and Relax. This is the only night there are no scheduled activities. People do just crash and rest, like the Corky Anderson’s cat in the photo. Some people take a walk into the village of Castine or along the water and out to the Dyce Light. A kayaking trip is offered. Some go out of town to dinner. Some do their laundry. Some just work in their rooms, doing self-imposed “homework” on their projects. People go to the Bilge, a hangout place in the dorm stocked with snacks and beverages; Pictionary is the favorite game there. We keep the exhibit open that night for those who want a leisurely viewing. There are also some groups, like the Petitpointers, who meet to just chat or share work.


Petitpointers Group

Petitpointers Online Group, First Face-to-Face Gathering at School in 2012


Petitpointers Show and Tell, June 2020 Guild School
Row 1: Pat Hartman*, Lucille Lalonde*, Martha South*, Carolyn Denning*, Frances Peterson*
Row 2: Peggy Meyers*, Susan Farnik*, Christine Donnellan*, Carol Hinkle*, Lisa Salati*
Row 3: Elaine Levine*, Annelle Ferguson*, Isabel Leininger*, Corky Anderson*, Marcia Gardner*
Row 4: Roni Harris*, Sue Resseguie*, Fay Zerbolio, Yvette Money, Lissa Loosemore*
Row 5: Barry Allen, Pat Kasell*, Sis Blecman*, Susan Milmore*, Elizabeth Aread

NOTE: Asterisk * means this person has attended Guild School.

More R & R

Crow’s Nest Inhabitants with Guests
Row 1: Jan Patrie, Phyllis Hawkes, Kaye Browning, Barbara Kalty
Row 2: Becky Scroggins, Nancy Simpson, Michele Carter, Connie Sauve
Row 3: Beth Giachetti, Jane Graber


A favorite walk from campus to Dyce Head Lighthouse. Photo taken by Connie Sauve

Western Canada and Wisconsin
Row 1: Tina MacDonald, Lucille Lalonde
Row 2: Hoanie Yong, Loretta Snee

Minis, Munchies and More

Shop ‘til you drop from your favorite Guild School Instructors at the online Minis Munchies and More!

*Please note that our instructors live in different time zones. For example, when it is 8:00 PM on the east coast of the US, it is 2:00 AM in Europe. You may not get an instant reply! I’m sure they will try to follow up the next day.

For Sale thru the Internet – URL website, Instagram, Etsy, Facebook

Pete Acquisto

Diane Almeyda

Jeanie Anderson


Valeria Bonomi

Pete & Pam Boorum

To make a purchase, first visit  smallerthanlife.com and pick out the items you wish to order. Then either e-mail at smallife@myfairpoint.net or call 603-669-4185 with the list of items. You will receive a reply with a quotation of total price including shipping. Telephone orders will be confirmed verbally. PayPal and credit cards accepted. NOTE: It will be easiest for international students to use PayPal. It will be faster and more accurate to order via e-mail than by phone. Students are asked not to use Facebook, messenger, text or any other e-mail address to place an order. All items are not in stock and availability and lead time will be included in the quote.

Nell Corkin


Beth Freeman-Kane
(Beth Freeman-Kane, M.A.A. – Wildlife Miniaturist)
Instagram: @bethfreemankane

Annelle Ferguson
Sampler kits available.

Natalia Frank
Online school website: www.artofpetitpoint.thinkific.com
Website: www.dollhouseneedlepoint.com
Facebook: Natalia’s Fine Needlework www.facebook.com/Natalias-Fine-Needlework
Instagram: @artofpetitpoint
Etsy:  www.etsy.com/shop/ArtOfPetitPoint
Email: scarletsails@live.com


Phyllis Hawkes

A gallery of my work with my email and/or phone number for ordering. Choose from the website or request a commissioned piece.

Daniela Kiefhaber
Facebook: Ela Kiefhaber or Microdolls
Instagram: @elakiefhaber
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DanielaKiefhaber



Marcia McClain

Mary Grady O'Brien
Instagram: @mgobfineminiatures


Brooke Rothshank

See some new watercolors for school. Free shipping starting with MM&M for 24 hours.

Troy Schmidt
Instagram: @reddragonpottery

Guild School students and instructors may use Coupon Code “IGMA” at checkout for a 20% discount on June 18 and 19.


Special Section: Individual Items for Sale thru email

Jane Graber

Emails will be taken in the order they come at a 15% discount to MM&M shoppers. State category requests and Jane will reply with photos and prices. Credit cards or PayPal accepted.


Pat Hartman

Deer Rug $480 (4” x 3.25”)

Flower/Braid Rug $330 (4” x 2.25”)

Striped Rug $300 (3.75” x 3.25”)


Sandy Rubin

A: Large French-influenced floral arrangement which contains roses, poppies, sweet peas, rununculus, a large grape cluster in the center of the piece, daffodils, double tulips, irises, and several other varieties of flowers, seed pods, and foliage in a bronze-finished urn--$825.00

B: Irises, calla lilies, roses and filler flowers with various types of foliage in a French-style urn--$295.00

C: “Antique” box with rope handles containing various “antique-style” bottles filled with various flowers, foliage, and vines--$195.00

D: A French-style arrangement containing poppies, peonies, and rununculus with masses of various foliage in an antique style French Urn sitting on an aged and worn country French chair--$725


Jeanne Rullie

When “social distancing” always carry your scepter with you!

The Card Queens. 1/12 scale dolls. The figures are sold as a set for the special MM&M sale price of $1700. Afterwards they may be available singly for $450.


Sue Veeder

I'm offering these three paintings for Minis Munchies and More. Each one is about 3 1/2" by 2 1/2" depending on the painting. Each one is priced at $125, which will include shipping in US. International shipping will be extra. I will be happy to take Pay Pal or a credit card using the Square.

Graduation Night

Student Project Exhibit

Thanks to the Guild School students for contributing photos of miniatures they have made.

Just hit the Pause button if you want to spend more time looking at a photo.
Please note that several slides noted with an * are accompanied by a detailed explanation of items shown. Refer to this list.



Thank You!

Carol and Dick Hardy retired this year from teaching at the Guild School for the past 34 years. We had planned for a special display of their projects in our School Exhibit. We’ve postponed this to 2021 when we will recognize and celebrate their contributions to school.

The IGMA Board of Trustees met this month to thank Carol and Dick Hardy for their service to the Guild. They presented them with the gift of a $2000 check deposited to their Amazon account. The funds were personal donations from many members of IGMA. Carol retired this year after 22 years as the Guild Administrator and Dick volunteered his time and talent in so many ways.

IGMA Board of Trustees and Employees

Row 1: Pete Boorum, Barbara Davis (Guild School Director), Diane DeGan, Audrey Trip

Row 2: Pat Hartman, Toni Ballinger, Peggy Meyers, Cindy Adams

Row 3: Cary LeGeyt, Peggy Tyler, Kate Ünver, Sandy Kraft

Row 4: Sophia Harris (Guild Administrator), Dick and Carol Hardy



In Memory of Bonni Backe

So sadly, Bonni Backe passed away this year. She taught and was a student at Guild School for 20 years. She managed our school FaceBook page for years and served on our Guild School Committee. The variety of classes and techniques she offered were always popular. Bonni's humor and creativity were a huge contribution to the spirit of Guild School. Her wishes were for a GoFundMe account to be set up in her name to support a sponsorship for students to attend school. $4000 was donated which will provide for two students to attend school in honor of her memory. We will be having a special display of her work and her school projects in the 2021 School Exhibit.



Thanks so much to Betsy Roxby, IGMA's Webmaster.
She took all your submissions and created a special online taste of Guild School for us.


Graduation Night Zoom

The New England Group Zoom Meeting.

“Great to see you and congrats to all on your virtual graduation!”

Row 1: Natalie Graham, Sue Krzysko, Pam and Pete Boorum
Row 2: Karen Waggoner, Julie Hagel, Cary LeGeyt
Row 3: Carol Block, Cindy Adams

The Crow’s Nest and Friends.

“We are all in our jammies since we are pooped from our busy week at School.”

Row 1: Phyllis Hawkes, Connie Sauve, Jan Patrie
Row 2: Kaye Browning, Michele Carter, Becky Scroggins
Row 3: Beth Giachetti, Barbara Kalty


Meet the Guild School Committee. We’re busy planning for 2021.

Row 1: Mary Grady O’Brien, Barbara Davis, Daniela Kiefhaber, Pat Richards and Audrey Tripp
Row 2: Pete Boorum, Annelle Ferguson, Steve Davies, Peggy Bugg
Row 3: Wendy Rosenthal, Elizabeth Gazmuri
On the phone: Sophia Harris
Unable to attend: Diane Almeyda and Vivi Chionilos