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As a non-profit organization, The Guild depends on the generosity of its members and the public in order to fund its operating expenses and the expansion of its education programs. Please help us ensure a bright future by making a tax-deductible donation today!

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Estate Planning

Worried about what will happen to your treasures afer you are gone? Arrange a future for your miniatures collection — SUPPORT YOUR PASSION!

IGMA is able to help...

To help you downsize, or to ease the process for your family of handling your estate, IGMA can arrange for an auction of your collection. A donation to IGMA of any part, or all, of your collection will ensure that your treasures will thrive with other passionate collectors. Such donations also help the Guild in its mission of supporting artisans, collectors, and miniatures as an art form throughout the world.

We hope you will consider including a bequest or other gift to IGMA in your estate plans, such as:
• Direct Charitable Bequests
• Stocks and Bonds
• Insurance Policies
• Appreciated Property

(above: Johannes Landman, Geoffrey Wonnacott, Don Buttfield, Wm. R. Robertson, Lee-Ann Chellis Wessel)


What do I do with a miniatures collection I’ve just inherited?

DONATE  Would you consider donating it to IGMA? The Guild would be happy to receive all or any part of a collection, using the donation to support it mission to promote miniatures as an art form through its many outreach programs.
Most likely, the Guild would sell the collection by auction at its annual show, making the pieces available for other miniaturists to collect and love. The profits from any sale help to fund Guild programs in education for the public at large as well as for Guild members. Some donated pieces may find their way to the Small Beginnings table at our annual show where they help to ignite the passion for miniatures in the next generation.
Please contact us and we will work with you to pack and transfer ownership of the pieces or collection.

SELL  If you prefer to sell the collection, IGMA can provide you with a list of
auction houses that handle miniatures. You may wish to have your collection appraised beforehand as some auction houses may prefer to handle only certain types of pieces, artisan quality pieces as opposed to manufactured pieces, though some manufactured pieces have become collectible as well.

Auction houses can provide, at a cost, evaluation and pick up services for you.

IGMA has developed a working relationship with one auction house who’s work we find reputable. If you should choose to work with them, they will provide a commission to the Guild which comes out of their costs and in no way affects the money you would realize from the sale of your pieces.

Pieces that are not suitable for sale by the larger auction houses may be perfect for E-bay or estate sale tables at some of the smaller shows around the country. We may be able to help you locate a show in your area where you may be able to purchase a table to sell your collection yourself.


I’d like to downsize my collection. What is the best way to do this?

DONATE  The Guild would be very happy to receive any pieces you feel no longer enhance your collection. The sale of donated items provides funds to further the Guild mission of promoting miniatures as an art form. Some donated items may find their way to the Small Beginnings table at our annual show where they will help us to nurture the next generation of miniature collectors.

SELL The Guild can provide you with a list of auction houses that deal with miniatures. These auction houses can help you arrange, at a cost, appraisals as well as packing and transportation.

There is one auction house with which the Guild maintains a mutually beneficial relationship. They are eminently respectable and knowledgeable in the field of miniatures, they also provide the Guild with a commission for any sales we steer their way, another means the Guild employs to fund their programs.


How can I support the Guild in my Estate Planning?

Adding a bequest to IGMA in your Estate Plans is a great way to ensure that your passion for miniatures lives on after you. There are many ways to do that and we suggest that you speak to your lawyer or financial advisor about what would work best for you.

A Direct Bequest is a simple method where you state in your will that you would like to leave ‘X’ to the International Guild of Miniature Artisans. If possible, please spell out our name and provide a contact point so that your wishes are most easily realized by your executors, who may not be familiar with the organization.

The Guild would be most happy to be remembered this way, with a bequest of cash, miniatures, stocks/bonds or whatever you wish to give.


For more information,please contact:

Julie Hagel


This document is not considered legal or tax advice. You are urged to consult your personal tax and/or financial advisor concerning the specific details of making a gift to the International Guild ofMiniature Artisans.


2015 auction items

The annual IGMA Auctions are the largest fundraisers in the Guild's fiscal toolbox, with the money raised by the auctions going to support the many educational programs that the Guild sponsors. This year's IGMA auctions will be at the Chicago International Show and at the Guild Show in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ.These auctions allow bidders to purchase special items for their collections.

We truly appreciate all donations, whether they are one-of-a-kind pieces by an Artisan or Fellow member, or something you or your collection has simply outgrown. All are gratefully accepted and put to good use supporting the Guild and its missions.

All donations are tax deductible and each donor will receive a tax form from IGMA acknowledging both their contribution and the realized price of the item. Please send your donated item(s) and completed form to Guild Auction Chairperson Chris Pratt. If you prefer to bring your item(s) to the show, please send the completed form and a digital photograph by the same deadline. For those Artisans and Fellows who are donating a piece, the earlier you can send the item or photo, the earlier we can get a publicity image out into our media stream (the website, the CUBE, the blog, Guild Notes and Facebook). All auction items will be on display at the shows during sales room hours.

Many thanks for your ongoing support of IGMA.

[Please click here for your 2023 IGMA Auctions donation form]

A sampling of the 2016 Guild Show Auction Donations (from top left clockwise): English Springer Spaniel by Julie Parrott (A), Gettysburg Framed Quilt by Kate Adams (F), 16 Pieces of Stoneware by Jane Graber (A), Half-Scale Queen Anne Settee with Petit Point Seat by Annelle Ferguson (F) and Betty Valentine,  Painted Oval Box by James Hastrich (A)

Support IGMA While You Shop or Search the Internet.

You can support IGMA and it won't cost you a dime.


You can support your miniature craft and IGMA just by shopping at Micro-Mark! We all need supplies to make the wonderful art we create. Micro-Mark, the small tool specialists, has offered IGMA members a 10% discount on all their purchases. And, in support of the Guild, 5% of your purchase will be donated back to The Guild. It’s a win/win/win partnership! Be sure to use the promotional code: IGMA10 at The code can be used on sale merchandise but cannot be combined with another offer. For example if an item is in the closeout section on the Micro-Mark website, the discount will apply. And if they discount some items in an email (a special promotion) the 10% will not be able to be combined with that offer.


When you use or as your search engine, they will give money to charity every time you shop or search. Instead of (or Bing, Yahoo, Safari, etc.) use If using for the first time, there's a place on the top middle right of the screen to designate the cause you want to support. IGMA will get the credit for every search from this browser. If you want to shop, click on the top left of the screen and search for the online store you want to buy from. If that vendor participates, click on their link and their software keeps track of what you buy.

Dick Blick

If you visit Blick Art Materials by following this link or clicking on the image below, IGMA will get 10% of the sale.



Time to go shopping!!!!