Guild School Videos

Virtual Guild School

Guild School 2020 Graduation Exhibit of Student Projects

Videos created at Guild School by videographer Jeremy Almeda.

First Day of School

Class Montage 1: Carol Wagner, Althea Crome, Pat Richards

Class Montage 2: Bonni Backe, Seminars - Nancy Simpson, Janet Reyburn, Bonni Backe, Tim Kraft, Dominique Autin

Class Montage 3: Alan Hamer, Jamie Carrington, Peter Kendall

Raku Pottery: Jon Almeda

Lobster Night and Auctions

Furniture Construction 1: Mark Murphy, Pam and Pete Boorum, Carol Hardy

Furniture Construction 2: Geoff Wonnacott

Furniture Construction 3: Bob Hurd, Iulia Chin Lee

Silversmithing: Pete Acquisto

Exterior Structure: Noel and Pat Thomas

Minis, Munchies, and More: Sale Night

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